Trade Ins

Getting rid of an old vehicle when you are trying to acquire a new one can be a hassle. The areas of concerns are as follows:
  1. Having strangers come to your home to view the vehicle
  2. Waiting for potential buyers
  3. Waiting for someone to actually get financing to purchase the vehicle
  4. Any issues with the vehicle the buyer might want to come to your home or office and you face the possibility of constant harassment.
  5. The buyer might want to owe on the vehicle
These are just some of the areas of concern with selling your own vehicle.

To avoid all the inconvenience Crichton Automotive has created our Trade-In policy to assist our customers in making the transition from old car to new car as easy as possible.

Simply take the vehicle in to our office and our service supervisor will give the vehicle a thorough check and value it on the spot and this can be used as a deposit towards your new car. It’s just that simple!